3,521 Miles

I had a previous goal, which was 1000 qualified race miles before I turned 50. Well, I turn 50 in 2018.  This goal was cut short due to my RA diagnosis in February of 2017. But I’m happy to say that I completed 325.1 race miles in the two years before my symptoms started to appear.  I even managed to podium in a few races, which wasn’t really the goal. (read my earlier blogs.)  So, what personal goal can I focus on now?
I heard of this race called the Amerithon Challenge.  It’s a virtual race across America. 3,521 miles across 13 states, the world’s biggest virtual challenge.  You can accumulate miles from running, swimming, walking, hiking, biking, or crawling your way across virtual America.  Why have I not heard of this before now!?  What, you get a cool medal?  Seriously?  Jan 1st, 2017, I’m in…all in, now I have to ask myself, “How do I make this race personal & stay committed?”  How about completing it before I turn 50. Quick math = 629 days…which equates to 5.59 miles per day…Is that reasonable?  Only one way to find out, do it!
Amerithon Mile Tracker

Countdown to 3,521 miles by September 22, 2018


9-21-18 Washington Monument
9-12-18 Shenandoah
8-26-18 Blue Ridge
unnamed (8)
8-11-18 Huckleberry Trail
unnamed (2)
7-26-18 Watauga Lake
unnamed (5)
7-10-18 French Broad
unnamed (6)
7-5-18 Appalachian Trail
unnamed (7)
6-22-18 Confluence
Amerition 6-24
6-5-18 Burgess Falls
unnamed (1)
5-23-18 Music City
5-12-18 Land Between the Lakes
5-5-18 River Boat
4-12-18 Mark Twain
3-21-18 Hercules Glades
2-8-18 Space Capsule
1-11-18 Bread Basket
12-26-17 Great Plains
11-09-17 Get Outta Dodge
10-22-17 State Line
10-5-17 Cantaloupe
9-19-17 Garden of The Gods
9-3-17 Collegiate Peaks
8-21-17 Prospector
8-2-17 Into The Rockies
7-18-17 River Guide
6-27-17 Sombrero
6-7-17 Vermillion Cliffs
5-22-17 Grand Canyon
4-3-17 Powerhouse
3-29-17 Ramblin’ Gambler

3-9-17 The Inferno

2-16-17 Mammoth

2-4-17 Yosemite Sam

1-19-17 Twin Oaks


1-4-17  Bay Bridge

1-1-17  I’m In