It’s been a week now after the Chicago half marathon, and the training began a few days after in preparation for the Northville Solstice 10K on June 23rd.  Training almost seems odd now.  I’m mean, after all that intense training for the half is over the 10k training runs are much shorter, it almost feels like I’m cheating on myself.  I guess I could continue to do longer training runs, but I know my body needs some recovery time before the next major event which is the T-Rex Triathlon in August.  Please don’t get me wrong, a 10k is a very challenging event and takes a lot of effort and training.  But to me a 10k now feels different, just like a 5k feels after you run your first 10k.  I totally get it now why they have fulls, 50 & 100’s and even longer events.  Running is so addictive and the quest for the next personal challenge…is just crazy?

    Well the alarm is set for 6:00 am tomorrow and then it’s off to the Liberty Fest Run.  No, I’m not running in it, I volunteered to help with the race.  I guess that just confirms to you how crazy I am about running.  I’m trading in some valuable sleep for an event that I’m not even participating in.  Life to me needs a little balance, and volunteering to help with a race that is in my community that I love will be fun and well worth getting up for.  I’ll be on the course directing runners and cheering them on, so look for me and I’ll give you a shout out!  Good luck to my wife, son and to all of you runners.  I’m so totally going to be jealous that you’re all running and I’m not.  I hope you set some PR’s tomorrow.  Believe in yourself and trust your training, you can_________!

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