I Woke Up In Asheville…

Ok, so I haven’t written in a while. I get it, you missed me. What happened to me you ask? Humor me…LOL. Well, that’s a great question, the answer is where haven’t I been. So grab a beer and a chair and listen up, I’ll try to keep this short…lol.  In July of 2021, my wife and I sold it all, AGAIN.  Yeah, that marks the second time within a few years that we did this. Although this time we didn’t have much to sell-off. However, we did just move into a condo in Indiana, which we completely remodeled, then sold it within 6 months of completion. So no home, no place to live, nomadic we became. Target destination, Asheville, NC baby! Finally…

Well, in making an extremely long story short, a business opportunity for us unfolded in the spring of 2021 and we jumped on it.  Ok, let’s back this bus up a little bit further, get another beer. The Asheville, NC area has been calling to us for years and it wasn’t a matter if, it was a matter of when. And that “when” happened last year. Some key things had unfolded in 2021 prior to the decision to move. First off, my wife’s company allowed her to do remote work. Paycheck secured.  Secondly, our youngest moved into an apartment in Chicago, where she attends college and planned to live there year-round. Empty nesters. Thirdly, our oldest daughter and her family moved to NC in the spring. Lastly, a business ownership opportunity opened up for me in Asheville, with the closing scheduled for October 1. In the words of the great Detroit Red Wing announcer Mickey Redmond, my home town, BINGO-BANGO! Goodbye Indiana!

Ok, back to the story. We had an apartment lined up in Asheville starting in July, not our ideal situation, but finding a home proved to be difficult. However, as luck had it we ended up buying a new home that was under construction as the current buyer decided to pass on it. Luck had it again, as we happened to be in the right spot at the right time with a check in hand to secure the deal.  So we canceled the apartment with the intent to move into the house that was under construction and was slated for completion at the end of September. Yeah, supply chain, labor issues, delay after delay. So it wasn’t until December that we could actually move in. The construction delay and mortgage process is a whole wild story in itself and would require you to grab many, many more beers..lol.

Homeless we truly became, which turned into an amazing adventure. Laugh, cry, laugh, cry, and laugh some more. There is actually a part of me that misses it…I only wish that I had blogged during this time because each day was an adventure of its own. 

Refresh your beer and let me recap our moves;

  • Moved out of our condo.
  • Stayed with a friend in Carmel, Indiana.
  • Moved.
  • Stayed in a hotel in Carnel, Indiana.
  • Moved.
  • My wife went to Michigan for a month
    • She move three times (with dog in tow) between family & friends.
  • I went to the AT in WV for section hike number 3.
  • Moved.
  • I bonked off the trail (broken toe) and headed to our daugher in Raleigh, NC
  • My wife met up with me in Raleigh, NC.
  • Moved.
  • My wife went to Bluffton, SC to stay with a friend.
  • I went to an Airbnb in West Asheville, NC to start training with our new business.
  • Moved.
  • Had our camper moved from Michigan to Fletcher, NC.
  • My wife headed to NC to meet up with me.
  • Moved.
  • We moved numberous times with camper in NC between camprounds and sites in Fletcher & Swannanoa, NC. I mean NUMEROUS TIMES. Fall in the mountains is leaf peeping season so long term rental spots were just impossible.
  • Moved.
  • Stayed in a hotel in Arden, NC as the weather got really cold in the camper.
  • Moved.
  • Stayed in an Airbnb in Saluda, NC with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Moved.
  • Finally, we moved into our new home in Arden, NC

The time frame, July thru December. However, along this journey our dog of 17 years passed. Don’t be sad as she passed away doing what she loved the most, camping!  Feeling tipsy yet? I could go on about the adventure, but you’ll just need to look me up and meet me for a hike or a beer next time you find yourself in Western North Carolina to hear more. 

Be_again…again and again ~ Purpose


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