It’s never too late!

Since that inaugural run in the 2011 Free Press Marathon Relay, I’ve completed the 2011 Wicked Halloween 10k,  2011 Detroit Turkey Trot 10k, 2011 Holiday Hustle 5k and the 2012 Martian 10k along with a few bike rides in between 20 mile Tour De Troit and 30 mile Tour De Livingston…I told you I got hooked! 
Training has now become a way of life to say the least and some days I’m totally psyched to train and some days it’s a complete chore.  However, this year I’ve set my goals pretty high for myself and figured why not?  I guess I want to push myself to see how much I can take, how much is too much, what is my breaking point…or am I just crazy!  Of course with my doctors blessing here I go…
This is the event schedule that I’m planning for this year…June 9th – 13.1 Chicago Marathon, June 23rd – 10k Solstice Run, Aug 15th – T-Rex Triathlon, Sept. 7th-9th – Run Woodstock which will consist of a 5K, Full Marathon, 5k & 5 Mile events, Sept 15th   20 Mile Tour De Troit, Oct 14th – 30 Mile Tour De Livingston, Oct 21st – Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay, Oct 27th -10k Wicked Halloween…Say what?  Ok, I totally seem crazy now.
First up 13.1 Chicago and after 12 weeks of training the body and mind is ready!  I can’t wait to run this with my wife who has been training just as hard.  We’ll be making the trip with our good friends Chris and Dave.  Chris is my wife Jennifer’s BFF and the original plan was to run this event to celebrate both of them turning the big 40 this year.
  Unfortunately Dave and our other friends Ann & Cem had to back out of this race do to, ugh…dreaded training injuries.  Totally still happy to have Dave make this trip and of course will offer us all the much need support. Dave also carry’s out our group’s traditional pre run…sip of Jack…lol.  Hey, we still like to have fun! 
Excited, nervous, anxious is what I’m feeling…I’m ready, believe!

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