4:45am comes around really fast on race day, but considering that we went to bed at 9:00pm the night before in that other city that never sleeps. I guess it’s just one of the sacrifices an athlete makes. After 12 weeks of training, the body was ready, the mind was set on that early bus ride to the starting line. There was nothing getting in the way of giving it your all.
As we stand in our corral designated by our anticipated finish times, we run through a series of checks.  G1 down, shoes tied, Pandora on, Endomondo ready…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1….GO!  Excitement fills the air, the crowds cheering you on and the rush of energy take over your body as you cross that start line.  No stopping now, your goals, your dreams, your will, its up all up to you now and nobody else.
 Mile 1, Mile 2, Mile 3 all systems are go.  Running a race is very different than training. It’s part strategy, part stupidity as you push your body to that next level and hope the mind plays along.  The sights are amazing on this run but I’m not here to site-see. I’ve spent 12 weeks personal and family sacrifice, I’m here to fight my enemy… the clock.
Mile 4, Mile 5, Mile 6 all systems are running smooth but something odd is happening something I can’t explain.  I try to not look around an only focus on my pace, my rhythm, my breathing but as I look at my wife who was just killing it with me through 6, I noticed something’s not right.
Mile 7, Mile 8, Mile 9 …Mother Nature shows her ugly head.  A runners second enemy other than the clock is the heat and the sun.  The temperature has slowly risen to what was once a beautiful morning now into a gorgeous day for beach goers.  Runners all around us are feeling it and many are now falling off their pace or down right stopping and walking.  The course marshal changes the status of the race from green to yellow and the race is now getting seriously dangerous for many.
 Mile 10…Mother natures fury grips Jen with a vengeance and without mercy it tears into her, the heat has no remorse.  It’s was strange I’ve never seen her like this, she’s tough, she’ll push through it only 3 more miles to go, but the heat was just tearing into your soul with each step and stripping the will away.  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 ,1 …Meltdown!    
 The pre-race goals are gone and now it’s a personal fight to the finish and to finish safely.  After some walking, running, walking and cooling down time…Mile 12 the sign says…It’s amazing what happens to your mind and body when you know that the finish line is in reach. Your heart, and soul and desire just take over and it was GO time again! 
 Our friend Dave was at the finish line and was going to video tape us coming down the finish stretch. It was so good to see him knowing the end was just a few paces away. The adrenaline kicks in for the last 50 yards and hand in hand with my wife, Jennifer we cross that finish line together and now 13.1 were behind us, but a long future together ahead of us.  I’m so proud of you honey, I love you and I told you that I wouldn’t leave you behind!  Congrats to our friend Chris also she rocked it out!  Two women that are truly inspirational for all, happy 40th ladies!
……13.1 I’m so not done with you yet.  I’ve got to settle the score… Believe!
(The unoffical story : Mile 1 8.53, Mile 2 8:48, Mile 3 9:06, Mile 4 9:13, Mile 5 9:01, Mile 6 9:27, Mile 7 9:52, Mile 8 9:41, Mile 9 12:16, Mile 10 12:16, Mile 11 14.55, Mile 12 13:44, Mile 13 9:55)

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