I’m a little slower and running cautiously….but I’m back, baby!

     With each step I took and with each breath of fresh air I inhaled, as the sun warmed my face on that cold winter day, that feeling of excitement, joy, spirit, freedom and sweet serenity told me I was back. As I completed my first mile, I actually screamed out loud to the passing cars, ” I love to run, I love to run!”. I cannot believe how much I missed running, how much stress, fear, anxiety and uncertainty I can leave behind. It frees my mind and warms my spirit, my soul and again opens up my mind to my creative, playful side. I’ve said it before that I don’t run from my problems. I’ve learned that I need to run with them as if we are a team and during our run together, it’s amazing how we can come to terms with each other, be engaged and become friends. If it wasn’t for me having to take it easy and test out my recovering knee on that first run, I would have simply ran a marathon that day…there’s no question about it! I LOVE TO RUN!
     It’s been a few weeks now of running and my knee is holding up pretty well, I’m still keeping the speed down and focusing on my running technique and running a little smarter. It’s also been nice to run again on occasion with my wife, who is recovering from a stress fracture that took her out last summer while training for her first 26.2. I’ve been running more frequently each week and my distances are increasing, which now gets me starting to think about this years race plans. Ironically enough I was coming back in from my run and I stopped to grab the mail and like a fortune cookie from the postmaster, in the mail box was my answer. My first race of the year, the Martian on April 13th. But this year after missing all of my planned fall/winter races, it’s 13.1 time. I’ve got a PR to set…LOL.
   I also have a few life changes in front of me and my family, but as I move into this new exciting year and grand new adventure, I’m so thankful that I can run again. Because you see, with running back in my life, I don’t have problems, I have opportunities…God bless all of you and Happy New Year, peace!

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