There’s something wrong with me, but you already knew that!

Running & addiction, oddly enough, they go hand in hand for me.  How do I know I’m an addict?  When I see someone running, I get jealous of them and wish that I was running.  I keep a log of my runs for no apparent reason other than I can.  I get inspired when I hear of people talk about their legacy runs which always makes me wonder, “Should I, could I, do that run?” Every time I go into a sporting goods store, I have to look at the running shoes.  And if that’s not enough, I write a blog about running, for fun.
     So you’re probably wondering what this story is about?  Has he finally lost it?  Has all that Zen running completely fried his brain?  Is he finally seeking some professional help for his addiction?  Did his family and friends step in, do an intervention and hide his shoes?  To answer all of your questions, nope!  Ok, maybe having to run inside for the past few months on the tread mill, except when I layer up in full head to toe gear complete with ski mask and ski goggles, has gotten me a little deranged.  However, I’m happy to proudly say, “My name is Mark and I have a running problem”…lol
     Alright enough of the crazy talk, it’s been 4 weeks now since I started training for the Martian Half Marathon and things are going good,  knock on wood!   I’ve been doing a lot of training after work during the week here in Indianapolis, which helps keep me occupied while I’m away from my family.  I have even expanded my horizons and been participating in a yoga class one night a week that is hosted by the company that I work for.  I totally have a new perspective on yoga.   I’ve also been using the company gym for strength training.  That’s right Bradley Cooper I’m coming for you, I will take the lead role of my wife’s dreams back again!  Now I just need to get my bike to Indy so I can do some bricks. (Sorry, that was the addict speaking.)
     A friend told me that it’s nice to have that signature race for the year to train for; it keeps you motivated, keeps you focused, keeps you disciplined.  However, after hearing last weekend, the story from my wife about her friend who just ran an Ultra (100 miles/24 hours) it makes me wonder if the bar for my signature race was a little too low for me?  Dare to dream and one step will lead to another…Be Active!

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