Where has the time gone?

     Martian 13.1…check; SJ5K…check; Kona 15K…ready set…  I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running.  In fact training, training and more training is what I’ve been doing to pass time while I’m living in Indiana, waiting for my family make the move this month.  The winter months and being apart during the week was tough on us.  I even wrote a story about it, but I never got around to publishing it.  Cabin fever, I guess.  I was so glad once the warm weather came around and I was able to start running outside again…Let’s just say, I’m not a huge fan of the dread mill.
     So let’s summarize, Martian 13.1 – smashed my PR and even beat my best full marathon training times. Not too shabby.  It was a typical spring race in MI; wet, cold, windy.  And it even snowed a little.  I knew I was going to be fast.   I decided to put myself in the 8:30 minute mile group and try to hang on as long as I could.  If the 9 minute mile pace team caught up to me, I would need to run harder, which never happened.  Typical race strategy for me; pick a target in the beginning of the race, you know that one who passes you during mile 2 and doesn’t look like they even run 9’s, and see if you can catch them.  I made the right guess and on mile 10, when I needed a little mental push, guess who I passed.  Thanks dude! 
     My wife and son also ran the Martian.  It was Jennifer’s first race, a 10K tester, since breaking her ankle training for a full marathon last fall.  And it was my son’s first 5k race all by himself.  I love the stories he tells me about the race.  He’s like me and picks a target to pass.  His stories are so funny; I’ll have to share one next time.  It was an awesome day for all of us, and both Jennifer and Nolan killed it…It was also nice that they both completed their races before me.  Having a cheering section when you’re coming into the finish line is so cool!  PR 1:52:12
     The SJ5K is a first class local charity run in Plymouth, MI that is put on by a family who was in need for medical help for their son.  Each year they choose to donate the proceeds to 3 local families that are in need.  I have to say, the speeches by the families didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience.  It really brought back some strong memories of how many people were there for us when we needed support with our daughter, Jessica.  Bless you all!  Now I was attending a charity race with Nolan – how great was that!
     You see, Nolan wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for the love of Jessica.  Jennifer and I were done having children, but when Jessica Erin Waligora passed away at the age of 2, even with all of the sadness, we both knew that there was still room in our hearts for another child.  So, I ran that race with Jessica’s gift to us; Nolan, side by side, step by step.  And if you know Nolan, word by word, along with a huge smile, warm memory of Jessica and a few tears that I passed as sweat…  Ok, one thing more, hey… 30 year old dude with the compression socks, skin tight running gear and the 5k water belt, I hope you PR it!  Wait, it wasn’t timed, smile…
     Kona 15K, coming up this weekend!  But I’m already thinking, what’s next?  I’m going to do another sprint Tri during the summer…then what?  Another full marathon in the fall, or do I do an ultra?  I know, sickening addiction, right?!  Well I did a full already, but it was a trail, so do I do a street full because I know I can smash my trail time?  Or do I do an ultra, and push myself deeper into a physical and mental challenge?  I was telling a friend recently about running a full and how the body and mind can disconnect, and the struggles of emotions that I had to fight near the end of the race.   When I tell that story it makes me think back about how awesome that battle was.  So, do I go 50 miles now and reach deeper into the mind of delusion?  I guess first things first; run the Kona 15k.  But you know what I’ll be thinking about during that run, “how far can I really go…?”  Be-lieve, Be-strong, Be Inspired to BE!

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  1. I cried and then laughed when I read this entry. Your comments about our little angel Jessica brought tears to my eyes. Then the “word by word” comment about Nolan made me laugh. Awesome blog.


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