Happy New Adventure!

I could have said happy New Year right?  As January 1st, 2017 approached, I took some time to think of a New Year’s resolution, only to think, why do I need one?  Shouldn’t every day be one of consistent, personal and spiritual growth?  Why do I need to wait for that one day to announce it to the world, in hopes that God, the Universe, or whomever takes the request when the ball drops in Times Square?  Well let me reflect back on 2016 for a minute, maybe I’m missing something?

Ok, last year I was diagnosed with PsA. However, I finally found out why I was feeling so bad.  I had to give up recreational drinking (to put it lightly). Now I’m feeling amazing.  My running addiction had ended, cold turkey, only to find that my hiking addiction was a beautiful replacement.  I learned that my biggest fear is opportunity. And knowing your faults is half the battle. Hum, what else…

First Hike of 2017 – January 1st
I traveled to Poland, Germany & Czech Republic on my own, and scared, without knowing a lick of the language, only to meet some amazing people along the way.  I suffered a self imposed OCD panic attack and screamed sanctuary from the trails of Sedona. As I looked at all the rocks scattered randomly on the trail, I realized that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful.  I tackled a fear of heights and failure, head on, to take opportunities of “the shoulds”.  I learned that I still have a lot to strive for, and that everyday is a gift.

So all in all, I’d say that 2016 was a successful year and none of these life experiences were derived from a New Year’s resolution.  2017?  I say bring it on and I’ll learn to shift and shape my opportunities again…BE_open!


  1. Hi, Mark, it's Mary Petruzzi. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I'm glad I did. My sister suffered w/severe psoriasis for 15 years and also had PsA. She passed away a few years ago; not from the disease but prolonged use of methotrexate.

    I'm glad to hear you've found a replacement for running. Every time I think I might take up running, I think of you and Jen encouraging me to try it. You guys kept telling me “it's a breathing thing” LOL! However, as I'm about to turn 50 in a few months, I'm not sure my joints could withstand the abuse 🙂

    Anyway, tell Jen I said hello. Stay strong!!


  2. Hi Mary,

    I'm, really sorry to hear about your sister. I'd be interested to know more about her and the effects that methotrexate had on her. I'm currently on methotrexate now and so far I have not had any issues. However, I'm still concerned about the long term use and the effects it will have on me over time. The doctors are not really convincing as they really don't seem to know…Unfortunately there are not many options for PsA and living with the pain is worse than the effects of the drugs.

    I know many runners who didn't start running until their later years, to be honest, your better off than some how has run their whole life. Just remember running takes time to do it safely and if you start out slow and short you'll body will build itself up to endure longer and faster runs. However you have to start with that first step.

    I've got big goals for myself and I won't let my condition get in the way. Stay tune to my blog for more stories as I hope to inspire those who dream as big as me.




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