Where have I been?

I know it’s been awhile since my last post.  I’ve actually had 5 articles started but it’s been really difficult to focus and complete them.  I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed and distracted with the life events of those around me, both personally and professionally. The last six months have been very difficult to navigate, to stay on my course and not veer toward the course of others.  
As for my health, things seem to be stable at the moment.  My last test results showed my PsA activity level now out of the severe category and into the moderate level. I can attribute that to my treatment, consistent exercise, eating cleaner, rest, and trying to live a more stress-free life…which, if you know me, can be a very difficult task to do.  Lately, eating clean has been a challenge and my stress level has also been on the increase which has my body taking full notice with aches and pains on the increase.  
So what have I been doing? A lot of thinking, reflecting, pondering, dreaming, and visioning about the next phase in my life and who I want to be and how to get there.  Aging opens your eyes to see many things in a different way. Where I was once subject to following the safe path in life, the allure of a new, uncertain path is calling. The how and when are becoming clearer to me and the realization that I need to take my own advice; take the first step, don’t look back and stop listening to the “shoulds” and engage the “coulds”. Completing this post is a positive step in the right direction to getting back on course, my course…
Thank you to some special friends that have listened to me ramble, as I explore my future, over and over again.  Our time spent together is not often, but your wisdom, energy, and spirit and the time we do get to spend together have influenced me more than you know! I look forward to our time in the not so distance future to the live and experience life on the trail of this beautiful world.  Just so you all know, I like to take pictures of flowers!



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