So you’ve probably seen me reference Be_again in some of my blogs and I’m sure that you’re wondering what that’s all about.  Be_again is my dream of a spiritual life movement that I’ve been visioning about for a long time.  I started thinking about Be_again many years ago when I started running, and now that I’ve been hiking, the vision has been growing clearer.  

Be_again (a·gain: once more, additionally, extra, anew) It’s what has been motivating me to never stop. Even when life throws you off the path, and believe me, I’ve been thrown off the path numerous times.  Be_again is a statement, a feeling, a belief that I will face life head-on, to not sit back and become a victim of its occasional unfortunate circumstances.  A good friend and family member, Tom Kelly, taught me this; to feel any emotion, good or bad, is to feel alive. And if you lean into your problems, you’ll get much more out of life…Powerful, right?

Since my PsA diagnosis, hiking has been my spiritual escape, a way to reflect, to vision, to lean into my problems, and to focus on the future.  Hiking allows me to separate my mind from the uncertainties of life and gives me the time to meditate in the beauty of nature.  I hope that someday Be_again can inspire others to join along in the movement and to feel the serenity and power of the trail.  

Hike with me, shift your life and shape your life, become a living example.  I may not always know where I am on the trail, but it’s sure fun to get lost and to dream…Be_again is about you!


  1. Thanks Lisa and Tom, next time were in NY we'll have to hit the trails. Did you know that your less than 30 mins from the AT? Ok…I'm on my way now, see you tonight! lol


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