Dreams Are Not Perfect?

Dream; contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case. The key word here is not dream, it’s contemplate.  Why don’t most people act on their dreams?  I know that I’m a guilty of this myself. Is it because of fear, discomfort, financial risk, uncertainty, and or failure? Why don’t most of us follow our dreams?  For me personally, it was all of these which lead to complacency. However, how do you measure success? Success; the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So should my success actually be measured from the simple fact that I’m acting on that dream?

Every morning that you wake up, you have a choice; you can ask yourself “how will I live my life today?” Will I just sit back and watch the world run my life, or will I follow my dreams and base my success on the fact that I choose my own path. I know, pretty deep right?…In February of 2015, when I was diagnosed with PsA, I gave up on a lot of dreams.  However recently, I woke up and said why, why did I give up on those dreams? Not all dreams are perfect, they just need a little shaping right?

I  personally gave up on participating in a 50 miler, a 100 miler, and even a through hike of the Appalachian Trail. Why? Because I feared failure, and now I know that I was measuring success all wrong.  Stay tuned…because I dream to inspire.


Salamonie Reservoir February 2017 – Bloodroot Trail


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