That’s a great question!

Often, I get asked what motivates me. And, honestly, it’s a difficult question to answer.  Motivation is ever evolving. It shifts and shapes throughout your life. The only one thing that stays consistent is that I’m motivated to follow it, whatever “it” is, as it changes. Sometimes it’s a quick path, and sometimes it’s not.  Ask yourself how many times you have thought, after seeing something that made you feel good or motivated, “I should do that.”?  Did you take that opportunity to use that spark of inspiration? Or did you let it pass on by for someone else to act on.

My father passed away too early in life, he was only in his mid 50’s.  My father was a great Dad and a great man. However, as he aged, he didn’t take those shifting motivational opportunities to shape his life. He chose to live his life with remorse, guilt, and anger.  His physical and mental health deteriorated over the years, which led him to a dark and devastating path of fear, regret, disappointment, and alcoholism. Shortly before his death, I had probably one of the most difficult conversations in my life with him, in hopes to inspire motivation. Sadly he died a lonely man, miles away from his family.

This February was one year since my PsA diagnosis. No celebration, no one year anniversary, just one personal benchmark that motivated me. So, if I had to answer the question today, “What motivates me”, the answer is simply not living my life to the fullest of my potential by not following the shifting and shaping opportunities that present themselves to me.  Therefore, I must hike on an explore the path of inspiration.


Sunrise 2-23-17:  Inspiration is everywhere.  Photo by Mark Waligora

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