“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”. – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
As my life continues to shift and shape, I’ve come to realize that my lifelong struggle with fear has held me back from living my own life, to freely change directions, to take more risks, and to follow opportunities that presented themselves to me.  My living plan has always been one of careful evaluation, calculating the risk, thorough investigation, strategic planning, and long range forecasting to make sure that any decision or change in direction that I made was safe and secure.  
Oddly enough, my career path was one of constant evolution, seizing new opportunities, promoting, embracing and seeking change in the marketplace. All of which earned me a paycheck and a safe living, but typically it was focused or shifted toward achieving the dreams of others.
“Risk” & “Fear” have always been two of the scariest words in my vocabulary. But as I age, the words “should’ve” and “could’ve” are now even scarier to me.  4-8-19 is the date that I’ve decided to follow my dream.  A dream that not only scares me but will fulfill the should’ve and the could’ve, all while not knowing the exact outcome. You’re simply going to have to sit back and wait as the story starts to unfold…The journey has started!

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that really isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” – Unknown


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